Baby Daniel {1 Year Session}

This sweetheart just celebrated 1 fantastic year! I've had such a great time documenting this first year for baby Daniel from his newborn photos to six months to now - he has grown so much! He especially cracked me up when he wasn't all that interested in his smash cake (a first for me) but was all about the carrot we found for him instead, ha ha! 
Happiest of birthdays, little guy!

Baby Cameron {6 Month Portraits}

Sweet baby Cameron has grown so much since her newborn session! She had an exciting session where she discovered grass (and was entranced by grabbing it) and even sat up on her own (for a few seconds anyways!) Here are a few highlights from her session last weekend!

Baby James {1 Year Portrait}

We photographed the Beegle family last Fall and I can't believe how much baby James has grown since then! He just turned 1 year old & we went to the park for a little balloon time & of course some cake! To say that James got into his smash cake would be an understatement - he DESTROYED it!! Haha! (He even tried to eat the cardboard it was on & faceplanted into it when we wouldn't let him, lol!) Some of it went in his mouth but the rest he wore proudly as he tried to crawl around - it was adorable & hysterical! 

Happy birthday, little dude!! <3

Baby Ava {1 Year Portrait}

We photographed baby Ava's parents' wedding a few years ago so it was such a treat to take her 1 year portraits! We went to the Botanical gardens & even though it was like a million degrees outside, this sweet girl was so happy to be there! Of course who wouldn't be excited to have all your besties with you (Mickey, Minnie & Bear) AND have a cake all to yourself?! 

Happiest of birthdays to you, baby girl!! <3